Transportation (TR)

Transportation system in Telkom University

  • Walk while enjoying natural oxygen

    Walking at Telkom University is very convenient, because along the road overgrown with big trees. The oxygen generated by the trees is so great that it adds pedestrian spirit to […]

  • Telkom University Bus Facelift

    Public transportation in Telkom University will be launch………. design by : Directorat logistik and Assets

  • How Many Tel-U Civitas Cycling?

    How many Tel-U civitas cycling? To know Tel-U civitas cycling, our Satgas Green Campus Tel-U  by calculate the average daily number of bikes found around campus, including campus bicycle and […]

  • Go Green with Campus Bike

    Go Green with Campus Bike BANDUNG, TEL-U – Committed to developing a green campus environment and environmentally friendly, Telkom University (Tel-U) developed the concept of a campus that is not […]

  • The Green Vehicles Developed by Student of School of Engineering Tel-U

    BANDUNG, TEL-U – Environmental problems resulting technology has become world’s discourse. The world population has begun to experience a variety of environmental problems. The longer the condition even worse. Thus, […]